Kosher for Passover dog food? Is there such a thing?

Besides being a dog trainer, I am also a pet sitter. Some of my clients are observant Jews. Occasionally the topic of Kosher pet food comes up in conversation with me. Is there such a thing as Kosher dog food?  In case you were wondering, the answer is YES!

Evanger’s proudly proclaims on their label that they are “Kosher for Passover.” According to their web site: “We have always known that dogs and cats are part of the family, so Evanger’s manufactures food that is endorsed by the Chicago Rabbinical Council as Kosher for Passover for pet food (not for human consumption).”

Now, you may be saying, but does that mean the meat used is Kosher? Probably not. But then again, dogs (and cats) are permitted to eat non-Kosher meats (if you are Jewish, you can ask your Rabbi). What makes Evanger’s food Kosher for Passover is their foods do not contain anything that is forbidden during the Passover holiday.

Now you know!

Read more about Evanger’s Kosher for Passover dog/cat food.

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